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BDS - Plastic Surgeon, 16 Years Experience

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Monday - Friday 9:30 - 13:00
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Akash Kumar, R.D.

Akash Kumar, R.D., was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia and introduced to the dental industry in his early childhood when his father, a Dental Technician for over 45 years, brought Akash to his dental laboratory for the first time. Today, Akash is one of few who has successfully completed his education as a dental technician and denturist in British Columbia. Akash brings extraordinary education and experience from both specializations to best serve his patients.  Not only has Akash trained with traditional techniques, he is also consistently training with new and innovative technologies. With a passion for exceptional quality and ongoing excellence, Akash provides his patients with effective and practical options for their dental needs.

Community Involvement

Akash has always cherished the community he has grown up in, he has represented his city in various competitive sports and has organized many youth soccer development camps, training many athletes over the years. Akash also dedicates time to provide denture services to a local non-profit community health center, he is passionate to enrich the community one smile at a time.

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