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Complete dentures are generally required when all maxillary and mandibular teeth have been removed. These dentures can be removable or fixed on dental implants if patients prefer having a permanent stable solution.

As with natural teeth, full arch dentures need to be well maintained and cleaned. Use a gentle cleanser to brush your dentures and always keep them moist when they’re not in use. They help restore your speaking and chewing abilities and will dramatically improve your quality of life.

West Point Denture Clinic accurately customizes each denture in order to help patients experience the best possible functionality, comfort, and aesthetics. When planning your dentures, we take impressions of your gums and any surrounding teeth and analyze them in our in-house lab. Our technicians use top-quality restorative materials. Using premium materials and great attention to detail, our team can craft a restoration that is identical to your natural teeth and look natural.

Precision Dentures

Some of our patients have unusual conditions in their mouth or jaw joint which may require additional extensive measurements in order to properly fit a set of dentures. Precision dentures are designed accurately to align precisely with your jaw to give you a natural range of motion and a better fit. Exact measurements of your face, jaw and mouth will be taken by denturists to design the denture specifically for you.

West Point Denture Clinic proudly offers precision denture options to ensure one of the highest quality and best-fitting denture options available within our industry. We set the bar high for overall aesthetics, comfort, fit and function, precision dentures may be among the best options for your specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my dentures last?

Dentures usually last for an average life span of 5 to 10 years. However, in older patients with underlying health issues that cause early bone loss, the denture may not last long. Dentures need to be relined or rebased if they become too loose due to regular use and shrinkage of gums over years.

How long will it take to make a complete denture?

Complete denture fabrication usually requires 4 to 5 dental office visits. Creation of the complete denture can start 6 to 8 weeks after tooth extraction but may require relining due to continued bone resorption. Waiting for at least 6 months after complete tooth extraction may result in better dentures due to proper healing of the sockets and bone.

What materials are used for the making of complete dentures?

Dentures require a framework that retains the denture teeth and emulates the gingival of supporting teeth. Acrylic resin serves as the base of the complete denture. Porcelain or acrylic denture teeth serve to emulate natural teeth.

What are the advantages of complete dentures?

Complete dentures are a cost-effective treatment option. They support facial muscles and structures which improve the patient’s aesthetics and self-esteem. Properly fitted dentures help the patient in chewing and talking properly.

What are the disadvantages of complete dentures?

Modern dentistry has eliminated many of the disadvantages commonly associated with dentures. However, here are a few things you must still be aware of:

  • Dentures must be removed and cleaned regularly to avoid infection or diseases including bad breath.
  • Fractured or ill-fitting dentures may be uncomfortable and can move around in the mouth causing pain and chewing difficulties.
  • Dentures need to be relined or rebased due to continuous bone resorption.

How do I maintain my dentures?

Certain instructions are given for the long life of dentures:

  • The denture must be handled carefully to avoid accidental dropping while cleaning the dentures.
  • Denture should be brushed using a specifically designed for cleaning dentures.
  • Avoid using harmful chemical agents as it can damage or wear down dentures.
  • Dentures should be washed with denture cleaner or mild dish wash liquid or hand soap.
  • Abrasive toothpastes should not be used.
  • Dentures need to be kept moist when not being worn so they do not dry out or lose shape.

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