Preparing for the Winter!!!

Denture Care – Maintaining Hygiene during Flu Season

With winter arriving shortly, West Point Denture Clinic would like to share information that our team feels is important to all of patients. We encourage everyone to be as diligent as possible to minimize unsought contamination possibilities.

Here are some useful tips when inserting and removing your dentures:

Hand Hygiene

As simple as it may sound, many denture patients admit to not washing their hands when handling their dentures. If your hands are not clean, any harmful bacteria may transfer to your dentures and into your mouth. Washing your hands is a simple yet effective way to minimize the transfer of harmful of bacteria into your body.

Keeping Your Dentures Clean

The cleanliness of your dentures is crucial to prevent harmful bacteria build up that may affect your health, and in some cases result in sickness. Although denture cleaners are recommended, if a denture cleaner is unavailable to you, the next best option is to clean your dentures with water and a brush that is capable of loosening and clearing residual food and debris, inhibiting future bacteria build-up.

Proper Storage for Your Dentures

Although you are wearing your dentures majority of the time, it is important to understand how to store them when you are not wearing them. Whether it is before bed, or giving yourself a short break from wearing your dentures all day, they should always be submerged in new clean water, (denture cleaner recommended) and in a denture bath that has a secure lid. A secure lid is helpful by preventing possible contamination of the water, and protecting the dentures if they are accidently dropped.

West Point Denture Clinic offers denture cleaning services, and provides complimentary denture care packages for all patients. Never hesitate to contact us with any denture related questions or inquiries.

We wish everyone good health and safety during these unfavorable times.

– The West Point Team